On Advanced Marker Settings

With Update 1.7, there will be a new sub-section added to the Battle tab of the settings menu, containing a detailed option range for the customization of aircraft- and ground target-markers. Our players have been asking for this option for the longest time, and even occasionally gone so far as to modify these parameters themselves with custom-made modifications. Let’s today take a look at what you can do in this new menu!

Depending on what aircraft class you fly into battle, the game needs to make sure to, on the one hand, give you enough information about your priority targets, while at the same time, try to keep the screen as clear as possible in order not to clutter it with data on targets that are irrelevant for you.

For example, if you’re riding on a Fighter plane, then you have no particular need in knowing the exact structure strength of ground targets, or how many superiority points their destruction unlocks. For a Fighter pilot, it’s enough to know where these ground targets are and how far away they are located, in order not to accidentally fly into their reach zone.

On the other hand, when you’re flying any kind of Attack Aircraft – in most cases – you’ll be satisfied with simply seeing the class icons and distance information of planes around you. Based on simply these two parameters, you’ll already be able to know when you need to start changing your course or maybe drop your payload in order to score a bomb takedown on that annoying Fighter that’s been following you.

More versatile aircraft classes, however, such as Multi-role Fighters and Heavy Fighters, will require a finer tuning because of their ability to go both after aerial as well as ground targets. What’s important to know, though, is that by far not all players engage in both these activities. We have adjusted the marker settings depending on how we see the primary use of each aircraft class. Yet, we realize that there are differences from player to player. From Version 1.7 on, you’ll be able to now customize the markers for each of the classes you fly individually, depending on your own playstyle.

The main window of the sub-menu will allow you to see how the markers you set both for aircraft and ground targets will show for each plane class. There’s even a slider that allows you to see how the markers will look like with changing distance to the object it’s representing.

If you want to change any of the default settings, just head over into the ‚Advanced Settings‘-part of the menu. Just make sure that you always have the class selected, for which you want to change the marker parameters. In this new menu you’ll be able to adjust and immediately preview the marker display for planes and ground targets of both teams both in the regular and alternative view mode (default ALT-button pressed). Using the left-hand checkboxes, you’ll be able to apply a certain settings template to multiple classes at a time. Watch out though: If you use this, the underlying previous settings for selected aircraft classes will be overwritten!

So what kind of settings should you choose?

Any data regarding aircraft is especially important to the three Fighter classes that we have in-game. Consequently, you’ll have to be the judge at what distance you’ll want to start seeing aircraft class icons (to get an understanding where the enemy is), in what kind of aircraft model they’re flying and when you want to know about their HP status. Remember that the further a distance you choose in the settings, the more markers and data you’ll see on your screen at any time. On the one hand, having a lot of markers helps you to assess the overall situation of the battlefield easily from a strategic point of view. On the other hand, though, the same markers can be obstructive in close dogfights where they don’t add anything relevant to your current situation. We therefore recommend you to choose different settings for your regular and alternative view mode (ALT-button by default). One for battle, which features only aircraft data and HP information about aircraft that are in your firing range, and one alternative one with maximum amount of information at max distances.

If you regularly attack ground targets on Multi-role Fighters or Heavy Fighters, we recommend setting the drawing distance for markers to higher, so that you see them earlier and can plan your route to the target easier. If, for example, you content yourself to only destroy AA guns and lighter non-armoured targets, then you can adjust your settings accordingly in regular view mode for Fighters – and have at the same time a more detailed data set ready at hand on the alternative view mode in case you do have to start doing more extensive ground attack runs.

For Attack Aircraft, the most important items are ground targets. Thus, the only thing you’ll likely want to change is only the distance at which relevant target information starts popping up. If you’re, for example, playing on slower Attack Aircraft of lower tiers, then you can set this setting way down to not unnecessarily clutter the screen. If, on the other hand, you’ve unlocked the high tiers (especially the jet-engine ones), then you’ll want to set this setting to “far” in order to be able to plan your route further in advance and aim more accurately. For enemy aircraft, you will largely only need class information and HP stats in order to be able to properly defend yourself. If, however, you enjoy the occasional “sparrow hunt” on an Attack Aircraft (for example an IL-10 or any of the new German Attack Aircraft), then you can put all relevant data conveniently on the alternative markers view mode.