Battle Over The Dam

Update 1.8.3 will bring a new map that will challenge everyone’s piloting and shooting skills – The Dam.

The main idea behind the map was to create a recognizably American location – like the Plateau, with characteristic landmarks. We decided not to design complex geometry with the landscape that would suggest scenarios for the players as was the case with the National Park and other maps. Instead you will have complete freedom of decisions on the Dam – the map is open and does not have large drops in altitude (except the dam itself).

We chose the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River – an iconic structure in the USA on the Arizona-Nevada border. When designing the location we chose to remove the canyon itself so as not to complicate gameplay – after all, the river flows straight through the middle of the map and most fights will occur there so adding complicated landscape there will only disrupt players.

Logically the map is divided into two halves by the river, each half being the territory of one of the teams. Spawn points are located in such a way that the players will enter battles relatively spread out over the whole front. Since the map is open this gives you a choice – you can either regroup and strike at the enemy en masse, or split and hunt them down one by one. There won’t be any spawning ‘into a corridor’ like on other locations.

Let’s take a look at the landscape. One side of the map is significantly higher than the other, that’s where the dam is located. The terrain in inclined and gradually drops towards the opposite side – don’t forget to keep an eye on your altimeters! We designed approach routes for heavy and slow attack aircraft that serve as “staircases” so they won’t stall while climbing the upper side of the map to get to the ground targets located there. Most of the ground objects are also spread out all over the fronts so you will have a choice there too – either take the “staircases” to sneak into the enemy flanks on the dam side and strike there or group up with allied fighters and push the front with them.

One last thing, since many of you have probably thought of this question: no, the dam itself cannot be destroyed. The location is designed for battles of Tier V-IX aircraft.