In Development: Crew Swap




Our players have asked us for a feature that will let them quickly swap crew members in an aircraft. We improved the crew management menu in a previous update, but it still needs tweaking a little. Currently, in order to change a crew member, you need to send the current member and the one you want to put into the plane to the barracks, and then select the member you want from the menu. Naturally, that’s not very convenient, especially for those of you who have a lot of pilots and constantly swap them between Premium and regular aircraft. This forces you to pore through the aircraft carousel in an annoying quest to find where exactly you left the wanted pilot or gunner.

We have been working on different features aimed at Hangar interface improvement, and now is the time to give you a sneak peek at the prototype. The next big update will add a new menu to the quick aircraft configuration panel, which will allow you to quickly swap a crew member for any other suitable one.

Menu when managing a regular aircraft crew

Once you hover over the pilot’s or gunner’s portrait, you will see a new swap button that opens a new menu, which you can see on the screenshot. Keep in mind that this is a prototype and the final version might differ slightly.

Menu when managing a premium aircraft crew

The menu will allow you to quickly scroll through all the pilots or gunners that are suitable for your selected aircraft, and quickly select them. It will not matter where they currently are, in the barracks or in another aircraft. You will also be able to recruit another one if you want.

Information on suitable crew members will include:

  • Icons for purchased skills and overall amount of acquired skill points;
  • Color-coded information on whether there will be a penalty to main proficiency and skill effectiveness once you put the new member into a selected aircraft, and if so — their amount;
  • An icon that indicates whether a crew member is currently seated in a Premium or regular aircraft (if you hover your cursor over it, a tooltip will show you where exactly).

Hopefully the testing phase that is currently in progress will not find any problems with this feature, and we will add the new menu in the forthcoming large version update.