Server Issues: Fix Coming Soon




Our players have recently notified us that, since the addition of bots to standard battles, they have experienced occasional periods of server lag. We already know about this issue and are working on resolving it.

The reason this lag happens is because the server needs to do many more computations for each bot than it does for each human player. For players, it simulates the flight model and tracks shooting based on decisions and inputs made by them. For every single bot in a battle however, the server needs to track surroundings, choose tactics, flight paths and maneuvers, simulate aiming and shooting, etc. The more bots that populate the server, the higher the load, so naturally lag becomes more noticeable at specific times. In particular we are talking about games during the night time when battles tend to include significantly more bots than during the day. This issue is especially significant for EU and NA clusters because they have very large fluctuations between the daytime and nighttime player populations.

The good news is that a solution for this problem has already been found. At the moment we are conducting extensive testing, and, once it’s proven to be working and issue-free, it will be deployed.