Shooting, Damage and Wing Destruction

Arguably one of the most rewarding events for any pilot is when you manage to deal critical damage to an enemy aircraft with a “one shot kill”.

Update 1.8.0 included a significant change to critical damage systems for the wings and tails of aircraft, while the chance to destroy engines, wound the crew or cause a fire has remained unchanged. Future updates will bring even more global changes – critical damage will cause your aircraft to perform significantly worse, while the probability of sustaining critical damage will increase. High caliber weapons will deal massive amount of damage and have high crit chance, while machine guns will stay basically the same and will require pilots to gradually “whittle down” the enemy’s HP.

Shooting and damage systems are amongst the most complicated fundamental systems in our game. Any changes to them require profound testing, especially when those changes are as significant as the ones we’re talking about – we have to put a lot of work into rebalancing the aircraft, tuning the game mode, looking at what will happen to economics and many more aspects related to the damage you deal and the kills you score in battles. All of the major changes that we’re working on should result in many more situations where wings and tail are destroyed, as well as adding depth and variety to the game. As I said, developing all that takes a lot of effort, but we’re progressing quite nicely.

Come back for upcoming blog posts where you’ll find more details on how the shooting and damage system will change in the upcoming World of Warplanes update. Meanwhile, good luck in the skies!