December 2017: Developer QnA, Part 1




We have been in contact with Contact Report website to provide you with answers to the most dire questions our EU and NA players have about the game. Here is the repost of this QnA session.


Q: Any plans for landing and repairing as well as landing to capture points?

We would like to see an interesting implementation of landing and takeoff ourselves. But in our opinion it should not just be an additional step for a player to enter the battle or repair their aircraft, but also have an underlying mechanic and meaning. Until we have a real working prototype that we’re satisfied with, we can’t say anything specific.

Q: Any plans for proper optimization?

Optimization is being worked on constantly, in fact we added a new technology that will allow us to reduce memory usage in the latest patch. This work will continue throughout 2018 as well.

That being said, there’s another side to it that we’d like to draw attention to. If you compare the 2.0 version of battles and the 1.x version, you’ll see that we now have significantly more stuff going on. Instead of just 30 player aircraft, we have defenders and NPC bomber flights, all of them are taking damage and shooting back. We have much more detailed objects throughout with spectacular destruction animations, missiles, etc. Additionally, there are many more graphic effects on screen and we’re constantly adding new ones or updating the existing ones. In 1.x, our engine would not allow any of that, and we pushed its limits in 2.0 quite far. At the same time, performance remained roughly the same, so, simply speaking, we now have a lot more stuff going on that costs about the same in terms of performance. That’s optimization too.

Q: Will there be a gold discount on the Premium planes in the tech tree this holiday season?

We don’t announce discounts on Premium aircraft beforehand, because it will naturally reduce interest in them when there’s no discount. But we are preparing some interesting specials and activities for the winter holidays.

Q: Back when 2.0.1 was launched, loot crates were removed from the missions, and the bomber parts could be bought using tokens. The patch notes said they would be removed Feb 1, 2018. Why is this?

Later on, those bombers will become common Premium aircraft. But, at the same time, we will add a bomber branch that can be researched and purchased in a regular way.

Q: When will bomber branches be added and to what nations?

At the moment, we are working on three bomber branches. Every one of them has unique features and gameplay styles. Very soon you will see three lower to mid-tier medium bombers from Germany, in particular, the Do 17Z and Ju 88. Higher tier machines will appear in later updates. Another branch that we are working on is for Soviet medium bombers codenamed “Pe-2 branch”. And finally (and, probably, most exciting for our NA players) — there are plans to add the largest and heaviest bombers that ever existed - the Flying Fortresses.

Q: Any thoughts about future lines in the game, especially British or GAA lines?

Actually a British branch is right around the corner — the Hawker multiroles are coming in December. 

Q: When will Premium ammo, consumables, etc. be available for credits as with other WG titles?

We used to have this in our plans quite a while back, but the idea was scrapped and there’s no intention to bring it back.

Q: When will we see an Italian Tech tree in the game, and could we possibly have Israeli planes as Premiums?

There are no plans to add whole Italian trees at the moment. Nevertheless, we might introduce some Premium machines at some point. As for Israeli air forces, since they never designed or produced any warplanes but used successful warplanes from other nations of that time, you might see similar aircraft under Israeli emblems in the game some day. 

Q: When will we see branches containing planes from Hawker or Grumman?

The Hawker branch will make its first appearance before the winter holidays and will include the legendary Hurricane. The second part of the branch, including the almighty Tempest, will come in later updates. The lineup is going to be quite interesting.

Q: Why can’t we have both Team Deathmatch and Conquest mode so we can choose which one we want to play?

At the moment, we consider Conquest mode the most interesting and entertaining. Currently, we are working on new game modes with exciting new mechanics that will provide our players an experience similar to the old Team Deathmatch mode. As for enabling the old game mode alongside the current one — unfortunately, it’s technically impossible. With the number of changes to the engine and server side that we’ve made, WoWP 1.x and WoWP 2.0 are essentially different games, so having the old game mode online would mean separate servers with relevant settings and a separate support and development team.

Q: Will there be any team battle mode?

It’s possible, but not a priority at this time.

Q: When will the next iconic line come?

Hurricane warning for December, grab your raincoats, pilots!

Q: Do we really need the squall line? Why not let the team with the most points win?

Q: Squall line. Was it intended for players to smash their planes into the ground just before the squall line? Are you happy with people doing this? Or are you looking to correct this?

Squall line has 3 functions: 

  1. It serves as a natural time limitation for the battle. Without it, battles would be 2 minutes longer in general. By that time, most players would’ve exhausted their respawn attempts, so the last minutes would just draw out the battle and turn into “hunt down the last GA" or “wait till the scale fills up”.
  2. It is a “gamebreaker” — a mechanic that allows a losing team to catch up or even make a comeback, which makes gameplay more exciting.
  3. Allows skilled players who can fly precisely and shoot accurately to decide the outcome of the battle by shooting down enemies and winning through total elimination of the enemy team. 

Stats we have show that the squall line is doing what it is supposed to quite well.

At the same time, there are some issues with it, and we are working on solving them.

  • Players who crash their aircraft right before the squall line triggers to have full HP for the last part of the battle are a problem. We need a better design to make this tactic unnecessary or not viable, and we’re working on it.
  • Squall line right now has no visual representation, which breaks immersion.

Q: Will you look into balancing? Some planes are way better than others (Yes, I’m looking at you Spitfire line and yes I am crying for your funeral Mustang line).

We’re going to make a full balancing pass in January-February. We will take a close look at all the stats we have for all aircraft, find the outliers, and then evaluate what we can do to fix them. Furthermore, we plan to improve and rebalance some of the existing Premium aircraft. Some of them will be changed quite soon.

As for altitude fighters like Mustangs, the main issue with them at the moment is that they barely have any targets at their altitude. The appearance of bombers that will be freely available for research will remedy this situation.