December 2017: Developer QnA, Part 2




Here is the second part of the QnA session we had with Session Report website recently.


Q: Any ETA on the return of plane anniversaries? And what will happen with the planes that had their anniversary after the 11th of october?

No ETA at the moment, but it will definitely happen. All players that miss their aircraft's anniversaries will be compensated in some form when we bring the feature back.

Q: Will multirole fighters and other planes carrying bomb loads ever get their bomb sights back? (Left Shift until 1.9)

Generally, the more keys you need to play, the more confusing the game gets, especially for new players. Our goal is to avoid adding special features (and keys) that have no significant effect on gameplay. At the moment, we prefer to make bombing and strafing more comfortable for these classes with the default camera mode.

Q: There are still a lot of pre-2.0 maps missing, will we see those maps again?

Yes, major updates planned for 2018 will also include new schemes based on the iconic locations from WoWP 1.x. A couple of them will actually be released very soon.

Q: In contrast to tanks, Romania actually built quite a few planes. Is there any possibility of introducing Romanian planes in the game at some point?

No details yet, but it is possible.

Q: Will the UI and controls be made more consistent with other WG titles such as WoT and WoWS? Playing all 3 games, you have to learn 3 different sets of interfaces, and 3 different control schemes. The default zoom key in WoT and WoWS is shift, but in WoWP it’s F. Additionally, the way modules, consumables, upgrades, research, etc. works across all three games is different and there’s no need for it. The map works differently (though this is new to 2.0), chat works differently, there’s no way to view team lineups at the side, and loads of other inconsistencies. Can the WG devs for each title just get together and come up with a similar UI across all 3 games?

In general, we try to adhere to a common style where possible. But, for many reasons ranging from general design to technical limitations, it is not always possible. WoT, WoWS and WoWP are quite different games, the same design cannot fit in all of them organically because of the differences in gameplay tempo, amount of crucial and redundant information you need to see on screen in battle, etc.

Q: Can you add an option for the alt-interface to be permanently enabled in battles?

It is actually possible already, you just need to change the control setting. Go to Settings - Controls, click the “Alternative interface mode” option setting and switch it from Hold the key to Press the key. Then the HUD will switch from normal to alt mode with one keypress and stay in this mode until you press it again.

Q: UI scaling – any resolution above 1080p has really small UI elements. When playing at 4K or 8K, you can’t read anything or see any of the GUI, you’re practically forced to play at lower resolutions. Is there any plan to fix this?

At the moment, we support up to 2560x1440 in our UI. Naturally, once the number of players using 4K+ resolutions grows, we will adapt the HUD to support it.

Q: Can you please let us see previews of planes we do not own in the hangar? Currently, we can only see a tiny thumbnail in the tech tree, it would be nice to see the full plane in 3D without having to research and buy it.

There’s no technical limitation, we can implement this in the client. Alas, the whole team is busy working on more important features at the moment.

Q: Any plans to advertise the game some more? Furthermore, will we see any other game modes besides Conquest?

Naturally we will continue to spread the news about World of Warplanes 2.0 to new players using all available instruments. If you really like the update and would be happy to see the game evolve even further, we’d be very grateful if you took part in this process, telling your friends about it. 

Yes, of course we will introduce other game modes to the game. We promised it right from the start and we will deliver.

Q: Some shooting range would be nice to have in the hangar. To test different ammo types against various plane parts. For example, we have a fixed plane (choose a plane from all available in tech tree), also we have a fixed weapon (choose a machinegun, autocannon, etc. that is available for all planes). Point it where you want (tail, wings, engines, etc.), shoot, and see what damage and criticals you cause.

That’s an interesting idea. We’re making improvements to the panels that show aircraft characteristics and features in the Hangar, you’ll see some of them in the upcoming patch. 

Q: Will we ever get an experimental fighter line for the U.S.? With planes like the XP-67, XP-56, and XP-54?

We already have some experimental aircraft in the game, the XP-58 for instance. If the XP-67, XP-56 or XP-54 make their appearance at some point, they will be Premium machines though, not researchable ones.

Q: Will the Kostikov 302 be sold in the EU in the near future? 

Not in December, but it will reappear in the Premium shop as a limited time offer quite regularly.

Q: Is there a plan to overhaul daily missions so they are more rewarding, less incompatible with general gameplay, and enhance the fun from the game instead of killing it?

Daily missions and their rewards will be reworked to make them easier to complete and more rewarding. No ETA on that yet, sorry.

Q: How did the release of 2.0 influence the total number of active players? 

In several regions where the game is available, our daily player count grew so significantly that it became several times greater than we’ve seen over the last three years. That’s impressive considering that some players thought the changes we’ve made were too drastic for them to continue playing. This indicates that we are on the right track and we will continue developing new exciting features. We are sure you will like them.

Q: The new gamemode seems a bit boring in the long run, the focus is definitely on the planes now, and it’s fun, but I don’t think it will keep newcomers like myself here for too long or give them the motivation to actively play for a longer time.

Will there be optimizations, new mechanics and more gamemodes coming?

Maybe just reworked maps for more tactical play or opportunities to make dogfights more interesting by using terrain when the distances between caps are bigger?

We’ve dropped some hints about future updates here and there over the last couple of months. In short — there will be many more features and new content in 2018. Stay tuned.

Q: Are there any plans to bring WoWP to consoles?

To be honest, at the moment we’d rather focus our efforts on evolving and improving the game on the current platform to fully show its potential. Right now, spreading our resources between PC and a possible console port will probably hurt both platforms. Once we’re fully satisfied with the PC version, the time for considering consoles will come.

Q: Are there any plans to bring WoWP to the SEA server?

We already have a considerable number of players from SEA who play on other realms. I can’t say anything certain for the moment, but yes, we are considering providing SEA players with their own servers in 2018.

Q: Are there any plans to fix the ramming mechanic? Since when can two WWII airplanes collide and the “heavier” one is not totaled, I’m fairly certain both planes would be fubar. I‘m also fairly certain that no sane pilot would ram other planes as a strategy for taking down an opponent.

Intentional ramming wasn't such a rare occurence in WWII.

World of Warplanes is a game, furthermore it is an arcade game, not a simulator game. Realism is not the main goal, we aim for a healthy balance between the game being “realistic” and believable, and it being fun and approachable for a casual player.

Ramming mechanics in their current form are like that intentionally. Lethal collisions are more realistic, but, in most cases, collisions in game happen when both players don’t see each other at all (someone flies into you from the side) or occasionally make a piloting mistake. In those situations, lethal rammings would be way too unforgiving in our game, and the current design works well. 

Lethal rammings are also imbalanced and unfair: imagine your own reaction if you pilot a GA, heavy or other huge durable aircraft with a large HP pool and get sent to the Hangar by a barely flying fighter with a tiny bit of HP left.

Q: I’m just wondering how bombs and rockets affect a plane’s maneuverability and airspeed compared to the previous version. Do they affect a plane’s stats by just having them loaded or only when they are off cool down?

If you install bombs and rockets, they produce a constant negative effect on your aircraft’s flight parameters throughout the battle. It doesn’t matter whether the load is full, on cooldown, partially used, etc., the effect stays the same.

Q: Will an option be added to remove ALL movies/cinematics before, during, and after the battle?

There are two cornerstones that we base the whole design on. First: the game must be easy to learn and play for everyone, especially newcomers. Second: as many features as possible should be executed naturally and seamlessly, without pressing any keys, changing settings, etc. Sometimes these ideas contradict one another: despite WoWP not being a simulator, there are still some quite complex mechanics and designs that need explaining to newcomers. Hence the hints on loading screens, pre-battle cinematics, etc. Moreover, soon we will add new hints and short tutorial videos. Of course, they won’t appear every time you play, and you will be able to close or disable them.

Upcoming patches will also make “skip cinematic” hotkeys more intuitive.

Q: Stats. WoWP doesn’t want external websites with stats, but I’m missing some aspects in the current stats that WoWP gives. Mostly the evolution of my performance. Currently, they only give global stats. But why not period stats like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, … At the moment, it doesn’t matter with only a couple 100 games. But what about when I reach 10.000 games? My stats will be set in stone. It will be hard to improve my numbers by then. But if you give short increments, you can see your improvement over time = motivation. Any reworks for the stats pages?

There are plans and ideas to rework and improve the player profile pages on the Portal. It will include tracking personal performance, as well as other improvements based on the extensive feedback we received from players.

We plan to start implementing these changes after updating the Portal main page, which is already in development. At the moment, we estimate that new profile/statistics pages might be ready in the second half of 2018.

Q: In-game currency. It seems that taking/defending bases is the objective of the game. But it is still mindlessly shooting down planes that is most rewarding. Often you see the biggest profits in the losing team. Is this intended?

We are looking closely at the statistics and yes, there are some economical issues where player actions that do not directly contribute to winning through capturing territories (like roaming between them and attacking enemy aircraft) can be much more rewarding. We have plans to tune the game mode itself somewhat, adapting class-specific tasks so that they are more easily completed and more rewarding. The economy system will also be rebalanced soon. 

The main issue in terms of gameplay though is not that players can get a lot of credits for shooting down planes away from territories that don‘t affect Conquest. It does affect it: aircraft that can’t reach a territory can’t capture it or disrupt the actions of another team. Moreover it depletes respawns for enemy players and effectively removes them from the battle. This can be considered an efficient way to fight and win too. So we’re not looking to remove rewards for such actions altogether, we would prefer to make them more meaningful in terms of the game mode.