February 2018: Developer QnA Part 1



It is time for another QnA session with our development team. We are hoping to turn these posts into a regular rubric, so please keep asking us anything you want to know about the game on the Forums.

Q. Are there any plans to add the Do 335 and/or Fw 187?

A. One of the modifications of the Do 335 will be available very soon as a reward in an upcoming event. The Fw 187 is not planned to appear in 2018.

Q. Can you give us any more information about what planes may make up the later tiers of the Hawker multirole & German bomber lines?

A. The Hawker branch will include the legendary Typhoon and some more advanced modifications of this fighter. The high-tier German bombers branch will include Junkers projects with some very remarkable experimental aircraft that boast impressive speed and powerful bomb loads. Both branches are planned for release this year.


Q. Are there plans to add the Fokker DR-1?

A. WoWP represents aviation from 1927-1957: starting from the period between the two World Wars and up to the Korean war. The Fokker would not be able to compete even with our Tier I planes.


Q. Why was the API for the server population on https://developers.wargaming.net/ removed? Can you give us any indication of the online population during peak hours on the NA server? What are the peak hours? Would you consider unlocking the server population API again so that this website would work again?

A. The peak hours are 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. CTA. API access was removed because the server population became a bigger deal for the players than the game itself.


Q. Based on what you are seeing, what is the win rate of 2 person flights? Is the population big enough and is the current win rate for 2 person flights low enough to consider bringing back 3 person flights?

A. We are thinking about bringing back 3 person flights. The issue here is not server population, but matchmaking as well as the concern that they might be overpowered. We will take a look at the statistics and make the decision, but at the moment it’s not a high priority task.


Q. Replays — someone has created a mod that activates replay files and it seems to be functioning. What is the reason replays were not activated in 2.0? When will replays be implemented officially?

A. We are working on bringing the replays back and really hope that we will be able to release them ASAP. We haven’t enabled the feature yet because the former version is not fully compatible with the current game mode and mechanics. We are working on improving functionality and adding new options to replays.


Q. What are the exact criteria for earning mastery points? The patch notes are quite vague, and the battle results don't really offer an explanation on how they were earned. Also, what can we do to increase mastery points earned during battle?

A. Mastery points are indeed very confusing, which is why we will actually be removing them in an upcoming update. It will be easier to understand which actions are rewarded with XP and which earn you credits.


Q. Are there plans to bring back more detailed battle results? WoWP 1.x had them, but they seem to have been simplified in 2.0. I know you can hover the mouse for a further breakdown, but it is still not as much information as we had before.

Q. Can you list the data related to the daily missions in the battle results? Quite often a mission requires something and we have no idea how we did during the battle because there is sometimes no way to track the mission progress. We just find out whether we completed it or not. And if we didn't complete it there is no way of knowing how close we came, so we have no way to figure out how to improve.

A. There are plans to improve the post-battle screen and make it more informative and detailed. There will be a break-down of all significant actions where needed. We will take a look at mission progress aswell.


Q. For bombers, are we generally only going to see medium bombers or will heavy bombers such as the B-17 and Avro Lancaster make an appearance?

A. Heavy bombers are quite unique machines – they offer complex gameplay that requires a large scope of game design solutions to be implemented in the game. But obviously we can’t just ignore such iconic aircraft! During the first part of implementation this year, we will be introducing several USA mid-tier heavy bombers (modifications of the B-17 in particular). Heavy bombers of other nations are also planned and are currently going through historical analysis.


Q. How do you plan to increase the server population and encourage people to either return to the game or come to it for the first time? I'd love to see fewer bots and more players in the game.

A. We have plans for promotion outlined already. You will see them implemented in 2018. I cannot disclose details at the moment.


Q. Any chance of buffing the Mustang or giving it some sort of niche? Right now it feels like a Boom and Zoom aircraft without any Boom.

A. Classic boom-n-zoom aircraft require two key characteristics:

1. very powerful weaponry to cut the enemy down in one dive.
2. sufficient reserve of speed and boost to be able to escape to a safe distance (altitude).

The majority of Mustangs cannot boast the first characteristic, which makes them lackluster boom-n-zoomers.

On the other hand, during the war, they were first and foremost excellent escort fighters capable of intercepting enemy fighters attacking allied bomber flights at high altitude. Boom-n-zoom, subsequently, was not the tactic for that role and they were never intended to employ it.


Q. What priority does fixing the serious performance issues have?

A. Fixing performance issues is always a high priority. Now we are at the stage when everything that could have been done quickly and implemented is done, and other fixes require more time for serious technology reworks. This won't happen fast. All issues with performance are continuously monitored.


Q. Are there plans to add national voiceovers?

A. Not in 2018.


Q. Is there any planned fix for bot targeting of GAs? Right now at Tier X, there’s lots of players playing exclusively attack aircraft without being focused by the bots at all. With the high-tier population being what it is, these 1v1s and 2v2s are often exclusively decided by which team has a human GA.

A. We have plans to rework the AI as a whole. This will include reworking the strategic understanding of game modes as well as more advanced recognition of tactical situations. They will be introduced in the game as soon as they are ready.