February 2018: Developer QnA Part 2




Q. Have you considered adding the Lockheed Hudson bomber to the game?

A. Not in 2018. Possibly in the future.


Q. Will you bring in the Grumman F9F Panther?

A. Same as with the Hudson. Not in 2018. Possibly in the future.


Q. Are there any plans to add the US naval bombers or a GA line for the US and/or UK?

A. Not for 2018. There are plans for the USA B-series bombers.


Q. What are the rough plans for 2018? Could we see more lines than just the new British MRF or German medium bombers, or even new nations?

A. There will be lots of new airplanes in 2018 for almost all classes and for the UK, Germany, the USA, the USSR and Japan. In addition, we even have plans for one for France and one for another European nation, but those are still under discussion.


Q. The A-20 Havoc, B-26, and B-25: will they be tossed into the mix?

A. Not in 2018.


Q. When will the Asia region see its own server?

A. This is under negotiation already. Too early to talk about dates though.


Q. Will there be multicore optimization?

A. The game already uses several threads for processing, which are distributed by the operating system between processor cores.
Calculations of the game application are divided into several large blocks, such as render, game logic calculations, sound system, physics, etc. All calculations need to be synchronized between each other and between video card calculations. This causes situations when threads are not equally distributed between CPU cores because they are waiting for the results of calculations from other threads. We are constantly working on better load distribution between threads and on calculation synchronization between them. At the moment, the WoWP game client shows better performance on 2-3 core systems than on single core systems. Other running applications may also significantly affect the load on the operating system. The OS distributes CPU processing time according to vendor logic and we as a game have no guaranteed possibility to “reserve” the main processor cores solely for the game application.


Q. What old maps will we see back in the game? I really would like to see the Dam or Harbor map again.

A. Old maps will be reworked to fit the new game modes and gradually added. You will see the Lighthouse and Winter War maps in an upcoming update.


Q. Does the WoWP rankings site plan to incorporate more "average" stats to determine player rank? (Avg. mastery pts, combat pts per game, etc.) so rankings are not based purely on time spent playing and total number of battles.

A. The WoWP rank system definitely needs a rework. We have plans for that, but it is not a high priority at the moment.


Q. Any chance of making the Javelin more in line with other UK heavy fighters? Starting from the Beaufighter, the whole line is armed with bombs and rockets aside from the Tier X Javelin, which gets nothing at all.

A. Yes, the Javelin will get a pair of powerful bombs. We also have plans to add bombs to the P.228.


Q. Are there any plans to introduce "especially special" equipment, like improved equipment in WoT that is only available for bonds, or alternative pieces from WoWS that are rewarded for ranked battles?

A. We have plans to extend the ways to modify aircraft, including “special equipment” received in a “special way”. We know this is vague, but rest assured that it is not that far away and we will update you with details as soon as possible.


Q. Any plans to expand on pilot skills and rework some of the others? There are skills that just aren't useful in the slightest.

A. The aforementioned feature will include not only aircraft modification, but pilot skill progression as well. They will be reworked.


Q. Are there any plans for themed collaboration events? For example World of Warships has themed ships based on anime representations of the same ships e.g. High School Fleet and Arpeggio (all content is optional so people who don't like this kind of thing can disable it and the ships appear as regular ships to them).
Can World of Warplanes do something similar with things like Strike Witches, or Third Girls Aerial Squad?

A. We don’t have anything like that planned yet. But we will have other events.


Q. Is the 10 euro British bomber likely to come back on sale? Someone on here said bombers will be gold soon.

A. We are going to have a lot of branch bombers as well as Premium and special planes. The Blenheim Mk.IV (early) is already available for purchase in the game client using gold, as well as 2 other bombers (the RB-17 and A-26B). As for discounts – keep track of specials on the Portal, they are frequent and you may see the bombers there someday.


Q. Is it intended that GAA/Bombers/Fighters/.... all get different XP out of the same mastery?

A. Yes. Different classes earn mastery points for different actions according to their class roles, and this often means that these actions might differ significantly in how easy they are to perform and how significant they are for the battle outcome. The mastery calculation is currently unclear for players and we are aware of this and plan to remove the confusing mastery points.


Q. The aircraft performance comparison seemed to be available for the launch of 2.0, but is no longer available when pressing TAB to view the team panels. Where did it go?

A. We turned it off because it wasn’t working correctly and needs to be reworked. We plan to bring it back for TAB panels and in the lobby later in 2018.


Q. Are there any plans for the plane to be put in autopilot mode when you are in tail gunner mode? It would be nice if the plane avoided obstacles for ground attack planes.

A. No such plans.


Q. Totally random thought — are there any plans to add a multicrew function, where the pilot and the gunner would be two actual people?

A. No, there are no plans for this.


Q. Why were asymmetrical maps such as Peripheral Mission: Foreign Land and Road to Rome: Breakthrough added when several others were removed for being unbalanced? These maps in general are unbalanced.

A. Those asymmetrical maps that show an unsatisfying balance were removed. Others are still there and there will be more asymmetrical map schemes. Asymmetrical maps are added for diversity. They are not inherently unbalanced, but they are much harder to make balanced. We are working on it.


Q. Any chance that you guys are going to implement more clan things in the game, like they have in WoT?

A. We plan to start developing clan activities in the second half of 2018.


Q. Can we have bombs on the Stuka?

A. The current Stuka modification in the game has no airbrakes. Thus it will not get bombs. We have plans to add a whole sub branch of Stuka dive bombers later this year.