A Few Words On Communication

Dear pilots,

Recent events have shown that our level of communication with you, the community, has been lacking in terms of informing you about planned changes to the game or the current status of development. We agree with you that this needs to change and want to increase the flow of information. To that effect, we plan to share with you today our communication plan of details regarding the upcoming and future updates.

First off, the official game forum as well as the Developers Blog will, of course, remain your primary sources of information where you can go to ask questions and receive direct answers from our community- and development crew. In the near future, you can expect to see there posts on new features and planned changes for Update 1.8. We will also bring back the Developers Diary video series with new issues dedicated to Update 1.8 and, later on down the line, other following updates. Additionally, we’re gearing up to release the first of a series of articles about game balancing written by our Battle Balance specialists. Before we head into the Public Test and the subsequent release of Version 1.8, we will offer you multiple additional articles highlighting the main new content along with a clear overview of changed features or balancing adjustments. Finally, we will, of course, also continue to share with you the results of our popular analysis of the Public Test sessions, in order to keep you as informed and involved as possible.

We hope that all of these measures will help our two-way communication and hope to build on it even more in the future.

Until then, see you in the skies of World of Warplanes!