Happy Holidays!




Dear pilots!

This year has been very interesting and eventful for us. The long months of development finally culminated in the release of Update 2.0, which was appreciated by players all over the world. Now motors are roaring and cannons are booming all over the battlefields of World of Warplanes thanks to the new Conquest game mode, simplified and more approachable gameplay and improved graphics. 2017 was the year when we turned the popular global Specials into regular events, and now they gather thousands of players in daily battles between two factions in a pursuit of newest combat aircraft. Don’t miss out on the latest Skies of Albion Special during the Winter Holidays — the German bombers and British multirole fighters are waiting for you!

The big changes of 2017 are just the beginning. We have much to look forward two: upcoming major updates will bring new game modes that will suit any playstyle preference, as well as improvements to balance and graphics, legendary aircraft and much more. There will be big surprises that will make researching and improving your favorite aircraft much more exciting, efficient and useful.

In 2018 we hope to see you alongside us in breathtaking flights over the best sceneries of World of Warplanes. We wish you and your families health, stability and wealth, clear skies and strong sunlight. 

With love,

World of Warplanes team and Nadia the Cat.