Winter Campaign Has Started!




Greetings, pilots!

The winter holidays season is upon us, and we invite you to celebrate them in the air! Somewhere it’s already cold and frosty, elsewhere it is unusually warm — but it will be invariably hot in the skies of World of Warplanes, because today we are starting a new Special — Winter Campaign!

Complete a series of complex missions, earn tokens and you will be able to accumulate a discount for three newest premium aircraft — MiG I-260, Supermarine Seafang and SNCAC NC 1070. Additionally you can use tokens in a mini-game. Its prizes include credits, free Premium days, various equipment pieces and consumables, additional Hangar slots and Barracks beds, but the main treat will be a whole pack of rare aircraft, including an absolute novelty — Shenyang JL-1A-37!