Automatic Search for Flight Members

Any level of success in World of Warplanes requires good team play and coordination. This can be communication in a group of 2-3 players, as well as a global connection between all 15 players of a battle.  It is for this exact reason that we have flights in the game. Flights offers you the opportunity to connect with a party of friends and work together to achieve better results on the battlefield. You can cover one another, focus fire on a single opponent, achieve tactical advantage in a dogfight – you name it. The advantages of playing in a flight are numerous.

Naturally, not every player will have a large contact list with a lot of other pilots whom they can invite into a flight at any given time. That’s why you probably have seen questions like “Is anyone looking for a flight?” pop up in the game chat more often than you would like. Well, today we’re introducing a new feature, designed to help you out when you’re looking for team mates, but can’t rely on your contact list. It’s called: The Automatic Search for Flight Members.

Here’s how it works:

Todays, when you click “Assemble Flight”, a menu shows up that allows you to create a flight with online players from your contact list. Once Update 1.7 comes out (or even now on the Public Test server) you will see a new button there – Auto-Search for Flight Member.

Once you press this button, a special request is sent into a separate queue that’s somewhat similar to the queue you enter when pressing “Battle!”. In this queue, the system will automatically filter everybody’s team-up requests by tier, looking through all different types of aircraft to find the best combination for a suitable match. The system then proceeds to create combinations of planes of the same tier or with up to one tier difference. Once a suitable pair is found, the flight of two players is created automatically.

Of the matched pair, whoever pressed the Auto-Search button first, will become the flight leader. This player will have access to all the flight control features including dismissing the flight, excluding players etc. Please note that Auto-Search function always builds only two-pilot flights. If you want a third pilot on your team, you can add them manually from your contact list.

At the moment, the Auto-Search function is still quite basic. As such, it does not take into consideration the classes of the matched aircraft or the winning percentage (aka skill level) of the paired players. This is done to shorten the search time. After deployment of Version 1.7, we will start monitoring the results of the current settings, and adjust them as necessary based on gathered statistical data and, of course, your own feedback on the subject from the forum.