Battle for Thor's Hammer

Our new Special named “Battle for Thor’s Hammer” will start as soon as Update 1.9.10 goes live. It will once again reignite the global conflict between two factions — the Axis and the Allies — in World of Warplanes. Many players are already acquainted with the main mechanics that the Special is based on from the previous global conflict “Japanese Threat”, but let’s refresh everyone’s memory just in case.


Once you enter the game after the update goes live, you will see a new Hangar design. In fact, for this Special, we have prepared two Hangar designs, one per faction, and both of them have peace and battle versions. The can be changed by choosing their respective factions.

The designs have new animations and graphic effects. The upper part of the Hangar interface contains a set of elements that allow players to find out all the details about the “Battle for Thor’s Hammer”: the rules, countdown till the next confrontation, their personal statistics, and faction results from previous battles.

Choosing a faction

Once the countdown to the next confrontation reaches 2 hours, an option to choose a faction will be available for all players who have suitable aircraft in their Hangar. Keep in mind that you will only be able to choose between two factions if you have Tier IV or higher aircraft from both of them (Germany and Japan for the Axis, and USSR, USA, Great Britain, France and China for the Allies). So if you don’t have a warplane to battle for the side you prefer, make sure to research and purchase one beforehand.

All the aircraft belonging to the selected faction will be marked with special icons on the Carousel.

You can switch factions before the confrontation starts by spending 6 tokens.


Once the daily confrontation starts, you will find a conflict scale in the middle of your Hangar interface. It shows the number of points each faction has. The side that runs out of points first loses.

All the superiority points and achievements gained by players in normal battles during the daily confrontation benefit their faction, or more specifically, they hurt the enemy side. All the superiority points earned by players on the team are multiplied by a special coefficient and deducted from the enemy side’s reserve. The coefficient is calculated dynamically based on the number of players in each faction that are in battles at any specific time. For example if the Allies have 5 times as many players in their ranks as the Axis has, then the Axis player’s superiority will count as 5 in confrontation calculations. Keep in mind that any points earned by bots are discarded.

The confrontation lasts until one of the sides runs out of points or the maximum time of 2 hours passes.

Faction balance

In addition to the dynamic coefficient described above, we have one more mechanic to balance the forces in conflict and provide an equal chance of victory for every confrontation. Since the faction “population” is inherently uneven because the Axis has only 2 countries and our players generally prefer the Allied nations, aircraft dynamic balancing is still insufficient.

The results of each daily confrontation are used to even the chances for the following days. Any advantage in points that the winning faction has one day is added to the losing faction’s starting number the next day. Additionally the series of losses or victories also affect this bonus — each victory point above the rival faction gives them 5% more points in their starting reserve. The size of the bonus is rounded up to 100.

For example:

  • On day 1, Faction A wins with 5000 points in reserve. The overall score is 1:0, the score advantage is 1. On day 2 Faction B will have 5000+5000*5%*1 = 5300 points (rounded up) at the start of confrontation.
  • On day 2, Faction A wins again, but with just 1500 points left. The overall score becomes 2:0, the score advantage is 2. Day 3 will start with Faction B having 5300+1500+(5300+1500)*5%*2 = 7500 points at their disposal.
  • On day 3, the forces finally become close to equal and Faction B wins with 2000 points in reserve. The overall score becomes 2:1, the score advantage is still 1 point in Faction A’s favor. The next day the advantage Faction B had will be reduced: 7500-2000=5500, 5500+5500*5%*1=6100 points.

These corrections will happen every day. Once the side that previously had bonus points wins with more points in the reserve than that bonus – the difference between those numbers becomes bonus points for the enemy faction. Thus every confrontation except the very first will have one faction with 1,000,000 starting points, and the other with 1,000,000 starting points plus a bonus to boost their chances of winning.

Loot crates and rewards

Participation in battles during daily confrontations will net you hefty rewards such as credits and experience, numerous pieces of consumables and equipment, gold, and Premium days. But the most valuable trophy will be exclusive access to the new Tier VIII-X German and Soviet multirole fighters.

Similar to “Japanese Threat” the loot crates in “Battle for Thor’s Hammer” may contain Special Missions. Competing those mission chains in peacetime will provide you with a new warplane from the respective USSR or German research trees without actually researching or purchasing them. The luckiest players will even win those aircraft directly, without the need to complete missions! The new German and Soviet sub-branches will only become available for normal research once the Special ends.

The number of loot crates available after a confrontation depends on a player’s active participation and effectiveness in battles:

  • Participation in 1 battle on the side of a chosen faction — 2 points
  • Victory in 1 battle on the side of a chosen faction — 1 point
  • 15 superiority points earned — 1 point
  • 1 Service award — 4 points
  • 1 Epic achievement — 10 points

The first loot crate costs 20 points, the second one – 50 more, the third one – 90 more. The winning faction’s loot crates are doubled.

Any crates that are left unopened after previous confrontations can be opened later. Once the Special ends, they will be opened automatically. Aside from the trophies earned in battles, you can purchase 6 more loot crates every day using tokens.

Get ready for the “Battle for Thor’s Hammer”, deafen the quiet Scandinavian fjords with your roaring engines and thundering cannons, and capture new unique warplanes! See you in the skies!