Client-side Physics in Update 1.8

Greetings, pilots!

Client-side physics has successfully passed the Public Test stage and is already live on the main servers as a part of Update 1.8. Your help with testing allowed us to localize two rare situations when the new system does not work perfectly yet:

  • When using the mouse preset «Following aircraft»
  • When using modified mouse control settings that resemble the same preset (in case the Advanced Mouse Settings graph is shifted towards the lower part).

In these cases the players may experience big desync issues between the server-side and client-side controls systems which leads to the aircraft becoming completely unpredictable. So if you use these kinds of settings please avoid using the client-side physics for now.

Until we localize the issue and solve it, the new feature will be disabled by default. If you use any other settings — we encourage you to enable the new system in the settings and try it out. You can do that by going to Settings — Game tab and enabling Increased Control Responsiveness.