Daily Missions Need an Overhaul

the new version, we tested the feature extensively both in the internal Super Test as well as on the Public Test server. The initial testers’ feedback was, for the most part, negative. Nonetheless, we decided to launch the feature to see how it would perform in action on the live server. However, after further examination of the corresponding statistics, and a review of the global player community’s feedback, we’ve come to the realisation that the daily missions in their current form don’t yet work as intended. The collective player opinion on the forums only confirmed our conclusion. We are as saddened as you about the way that the release of this feature turned out and have taken measures to correct the mistake internally.

We have therefore decided to deactivate the daily missions with mini-update 1.7.3 in order to allow for a complete overhaul of the feature.

Before that happens, we want to give you an opportunity to finish all your currently running daily missions. The release of Update 1.7.3 is timed in a manner that should allow you to complete all your on-going assignments. The mini-patch removing the “dailies” will be deployed in the night from Tuesday 17 March to Wednesday 18 March at approximately 07:00 CET (UTC+1).

At the moment, we cannot say with certainty when exactly the daily missions will make their return. Our goals are to rework them in their entirety – that means reviewing everything from the way they’re being assigned to what they ultimately yield in form of rewards after completion. We will also add the ability to swap out daily missions so that you can concentrate on finishing assignments you enjoy. Once this overhaul is complete, we will re-activate the daily missions and integrate them into the game anew.

Look forward to more information on the issue in future blog posts and our portal news coverage!