Detailed Battle Results



Our players asked us to add more details to the post-battle statistics that would let them find out more about their actions in battle and points they score. The upcoming update will feature the first part of this feature.

If you hover your cursor over the Personal score icon on the battle results screen you will see more details about targets you engaged and destroyed and how many points that earned you. The information is split into several categories: destruction and assistance in destroying aerial and ground targets (split into info about enemy team aircraft, defenders and bomber flights), dealing damage to them, and participation in capturing or defending territories.

In future updates we will be adding much more details to this data. For example, you will be able to see the classes of aircraft and types of ground targets you destroy, as well as detailed data on which territories you assisted in capturing. You will also be able to find out which kinds of aircraft shot you down and, more importantly, which enemy players managed to bring your aircraft to the ground. Additionally we plan to add information about critical damage dealt to enemy aircraft and amount of damage dealt to various targets.