Detailed Info on the Japanese Threat

Update 1.9.6 features a new Japanese Threat special, which uses new mechanics that have never been used in our game before. You can find the rules and general information about it in the game client or on the Portal. Here we will cover the specific details.

The Hangar

During the Japanese Threat, your Hangar will become a Tropical Island. It has new beautiful details, various animations, and even new background music. Most of the time it will be peaceful and quiet, but once the daily confrontation starts it will become a warzone. In the center of your screen you will find a special button that takes you to the information screens about the Japanese Threat, with the countdown to an upcoming confrontation underneath.

Choosing a faction

2 hours before the confrontation starts, you will be able to pick a side, either the Axis or the Allies. If a player opens the World of Warplanes game client when the confrontation is already underway, they will be prompted to choose a faction before entering their first battle. If they still haven’t picked a side prior to the start of the confrontation, or declined it, the system will assign them automatically using balance consideration. The first priority will be the faction that has significantly fewer players, the second priority will be the one that is currently losing. Naturally, the system considers whether the player has suitable aircraft in their Hangar, so, for example, if you don’t have any German or Japanese machines in your hangar, you won't be able to pick Axis. All the aircraft belonging to the faction you picked will be denoted on the Carousel.

You will be able to change sides up until the moment the confrontation starts, which will cost 6 tokens per change. Once it starts, the change option will be disabled, so choose wisely.

Victory tracker

As soon as the confrontation begins, you will see a new scale on the Hangar screen showing the number of points each side has. These points correspond to the military might of the factions.

IMPORTANT: the faction that has no points left loses the battle.

Point calculation is based on superiority points earned by players in each battle that takes place during the confrontation. The sum of superiority points accrued by each of the factions is deducted from the enemy’s reserve, until one of them runs out of points. Superiority points earned by bots are not taken into consideration.

Faction balancing

Naturally we cannot balance the factions ideally. Not only do our players prefer the Allied countries overall, but the choice of aircraft is very limited on the Axis side. As a result, we implemented a way to equalize the chances of winning.

The results of every daily confrontation are used to balance the scales when the next day’s confrontation starts. The losing side on the previous day will have additional points at their disposal the next day. This bonus is calculated based on the number of points remaining on the winner’s side the day before, and the length of their winning streak. It is rounded up to the nearest 100 points.

For example, if on Day 1 the Allies obtain a 1000-point lead, the next day Axis will enter the confrontation with 1100 points more (1000 + 5% losing streak bonus per each loss, rounded up to 100).

Once the side with a bonus wins, the remaining points in their victory meter will be deducted from the bonus they received at the start of the confrontation they won, lowering their advantage for the next day. The additional bonus rate for losings streaks are applied only until the wins and losses equalize. If the side that had the starting advantage wins the confrontation with more points remaining than their advantage was at the start, the difference of those values will go to the opposite faction for the following day, omitting the losing streak bonus.

For example, on Day 2, Axis gets 1100 points of advantage and wins with 1500 remaining. The next day, Allies will receive 1000 - 1500 = 500 points of advantage, while the streak bonus will be 0 since the overall count will be 1:1.

There is also an additional dynamic system that will equalize the chances of winning the confrontation for both sides in the case of severe imbalance in player numbers. It will increase the value of players’ actions for the less populated team on a battle-to-battle basis, according to the ratio between the number of players actively participating in battles on the Axis and Allies sides. NB: this considers strictly those who enter battles, not the players who only picked a faction.

The overall point total for the confrontation is designed based on our statistical data so that the confrontation lasts approximately 3 hours.


Every player actively participating the confrontation in battles on the side of their faction will have a chance to receive trophies once the confrontation ends. They contain various prizes including consumables and equipment, gold and Premium days, but the main prize will be a Special mission to earn the new aircraft from the Japanese army fighters branch.

The number of trophies a player earns at the end of the confrontation depends on their activity and effectiveness in battles. Their contribution to a victory is valued as follows:

  • Participation in 1 battle on the side of a chosen faction — 2 points
  • Victory in 1 battle on the side of a chosen faction — 1 point
  • 15 superiority points earned — 1 point
  • 1 Service award — 4 points
  • 1 Epic achievement — 10 points

You will earn the first trophy crate once you accumulate 20 points, the second one will require 50 more points, and the third crate can be earned by those aces who manage to earn 100 points more.The winning side gets double the number of trophies.

Every consequent trophy costs more, and the count starts anew every time. A player who enters a battle on an aircraft that belongs to an enemy faction will contribute to the enemy’s progress, and will not earn points towards the trophies. For example, if you pick Allies and then enter a battle with a German attack aircraft, win and earn the “Thunder” medal, you will bring 75 points towards the Axis victory and miss out on 12 points towards your next trophy.

The trophies are awarded after the end of the confrontation. If a player does not open all the trophies awarded to them, they will remain available on the next day too.

Special missions and new Japanese aircraft branch

The rarest and most valuable prize you can find in a trophy crate is a new Japanese army fighter, ranging from Tier II to Tier VIII (very rare), or a Special mission to obtain one for free (less rare). These Special missions consist of a set of reasonably easy missions that you can complete during peacetime (in between the confrontations). Individual missions can be skipped for tokens.

During the Japanese Threat the trophies will be the only way the get a new Japanese army fighter. Players who obtained them will be able to participate in battles, earn XP, and research upgrades, including top-tier ones, but won’t be able to research the next aircraft along the branch. Once you unlock all the top-tier modules, the machine will be considered elite. Once the special ends, the new branch will be unlocked and will become available for researching to everyone. Those players who already have some of the new fighters will be able to continue on to the next aircraft along the branch, but if they want a machine from a lower tier, they will need to start from the beginning and work their way up the branch.

All the new Japanese fighters obtained through trophies and special missions from Tiers IV to VIII can be used in confrontations as the Axis aircraft.