Detailed Info on New Daily Missions

Update 1.9.1 brought back the Daily Missions. The previous version received a lot of negative feedback and so the new system has more sophisticated mechanics.

First of all, the variety of “dailies” has increased greatly. At the moment we use a list of more than 100 missions and more are planned. This set is divided into 3 difficulty tiers (for instance, shooting down 10 aircraft or earning 2000 XP is easy and requires only persistence, while “shoot down 4 aircraft in one battle” or “earn 50 superiority points and survive” is much harder). The reward for each tier corresponds to its difficulty. Also the missions are separated into theme categories (destroy aircraft, earn superiority points, get an achievement etc.)

Secondly, every mission can now be finished at three battle tiers (I-IV, V-VII and VIII-X). Completing it on a particular tier will bring you separate rewards for each of them that also scale with difficulty. In the upcoming patch we plan to add an extra reward for full mission completion on all three tiers — and we hope it will be a pleasant surprise.

Let’s take a look at how the server assigns missions. At each game day start, the special algorithm randomly chooses up to 3 missions per account. When doing so it performs several checks:

  • The player needs to be able to complete the mission in at least one battle tier (has to have suitable aircraft in the hangar, including premium models).
  • The player has not completed a similar mission the day before (they should not be repetitive).
  • The player has not declined this or a similar mission recently.

All three battle tiers get their rewards randomly assigned from a special table based on the difficulty of the mission. The rewards include credits, extra XP, common and enhanced consumables. The harder the mission, the more valuable the prize will be.

If the player completes the mission at all tiers where he has a researched aircraft — the mission disappears from the panel. If you have a suitable aircraft that you have researched but haven’t purchased yet — the mission will remain active till the end of game day.

When the next day comes, the server assigns new missions replacing the old ones that were:

  • Fully completed;
  • Partially completed (not completed at all battle tiers), but the player’s hangar does not contain suitable machines for it.

The incomplete dailies remain assigned and retain all progress.

If for any reason you don’t like a mission assigned to you — you can use a mission switch feature every 4 hours. While picking a new one for replacement the server will adhere to the same rules, so if you decline a mission tailored for attack aircraft, for example — another theme will be picked from the pool. Note that you can use mission switching to fish for a mission with more valuable rewards, or one that you can complete on all three battle tiers.


A mission you decline receives lowest priority — it will return to the pool of available missions for assignment to your specific account only after the server has exhausted all other options.