Get Ready To Invade!


The first of two game modes that our players will battle in during the “Operation Westwall” event will be the Invasion.

This is an asymmetric game mode: one team will attack the positions held by the rival team in an attempt to capture them. At the beginning of the battle, all the territories on the battlefield are controlled by the defending team, and the attackers have limited time to recapture them. They will have 4 minutes to capture the first one, gaining an additional 90 seconds for every subsequent territory up to a maximum of 12 minutes of battle duration.

In this game mode, the territories under a team’s control don’t provide any influence points or resources, but their internal mechanics (i.e. repair for airbases) will still work. To keep the battles balanced, we left out the Military Bases when designing the maps. Only one map suited to medium and high tier battles will have a Command Center located deep inside the defending team’s territory.

The Invasion will not have Plants either — these territories have been replaced with Strongholds. These are heavily reinforced areas protected by both AA emplacements and defender aircraft. The attacking team will need to either meticulously assault them with attack aircraft and bombers or coordinate a swift rocket and bomb strike of all suitable classes in order to capture them quickly.

The defending team will need to choose their tactics carefully so as not to spread their forces too thin. Superior numbers will be very important: every aircraft lost in the airspace within territories will bring Capture Points for the enemy. It is impossible to recapture a lost territory, so charging into a dogfight without support may very well be a losing strategy.

Both teams will have a limited supply of reserve aircraft (respawns), with the defending team having fewer of them (20 respawns for attackers, 10 for defenders). The defending team will have AA guns and defenders at their side though, which will help them fend off the assault, while the airbases will keep their machines in flying condition.

The win conditions are simple: the attacking team needs to capture all the territories in the given time or destroy all the enemy team aircraft, including the reserve ones. The defending team needs to save their warplanes, manage to keep at least one territory under their control or destroy the attacking team completely. A draw is possible only in the case that the last aircraft from both teams simultaneously destroy each other.

And the final important detail: since the defending team cannot recapture lost territories, assault classes (attack aircraft and bombers) will not have suitable targets. Thus, the matchmaker will only put these classes into attacking teams. Regular rules apply for all the other classes. For aircraft with outboard armament installation of bombs or rockets will not affect the matchmaking, they can be seeded both into attacking and defending teams.