New Crew System: Basics



Update 1.9.5 will feature a complete rework of the crew skill system.

It is no secret that the old system overhaul was long overdue. The majority of skills barely affected the aircraft efficiency in battles. Moreover, the old system did not support any variation in crew development related to a specific aircraft’s advantages and characteristic features. Most players usually chose the same setup – Increased View Range, Engine Guru and Crack Shot – while all the other skills were picked as an afterthought. And finally another reason for the rework was that the old system did not provide sensible progression for a player: learning all the necessary skills for a single pilot took an unreasonable amount of time.

The new system will feature much more useful skills that will have a greater effect on aircraft behavior. The main difference is that you will now be able to make skill builds — combinations of skills that will complement your playstyle as well as boost the parameters of specific aircraft, either further increasing their advantages or negating weak points.

The old system saw skills gradually increase their effectiveness from 50% to 100% over the course of the pilot’s career when he gained experience in battles. Now all the skills will become fully effective once they are purchased for new Skill Points. The Skill Points are earned for crew experience gained in battles. Each crew member can accumulate up to 15 Skill Points. The first one is assigned for free once the crewman’s proficiency reaches 100% either through battles or via Combat Wing training. Further Skill Points need to be earned in battles.

  • 1 — 0 XP points. Free once proficiency reaches 100%.
  • 2 — 20 000 XP points.
  • 3 — 34 000 XP points.
  • 4 — 56 000 XP points.
  • 5 — 95 000 XP points.
  • 6 — 159 000 XP points.
  • 7 — 268 000 XP points.
  • 8 — 450 000 XP points.
  • 9 — 755 000 XP points.
  • 10 — 1 269 000 XP points.
  • 11 — 2 132 000 XP points.
  • 12 — 3 582 000 XP points.
  • 13 — 6 120 000 XP points.
  • 14 — 10 560 000 XP points.
  • 15 — 14 320 000 XP points.

New skills affect the aircraft performance differently, some of them provide minor advantages while other skills can drastically change your effectiveness. Thus their cost in Skill Points will also differ, ranging from 1 SP for the simplest skills up to 5 SP for the most valuable ones. Some of them will also require you to unlock a previous skill — these pairs will complement one another and provide significant boosts to the main aircraft parameters (engine power, boost efficiency and speed, firepower, or defensive capabilities). Note that it is not possible to learn all the skills — 15 Skill Points are only sufficient for “specializing” the crew. The pilots will get 18 new skills, while the rear gunners will be able to pick from 8 abilities.

The pilots will now be able to master a new category — Special Pilot Skills. 12 Universal Skills work throughout the course of the battle and provide passive bonuses, while the 6 Special Pilot Skills are situational. They provide significant advantages once certain situations arise and special conditions are met.  For example, the Fire Fighter skill will extinguish fires using active maneuvers — you will need to reach close to maximum rotation speeds over roll and pitch axes (basically perform an aileron roll maneuver). Evasive Target works in a similar way: once learned, it will allow fighter pilots to lower incoming damage and critical damage chance by 25% when performing sharp turns. We will give further details of all new skills in further posts.

Once Update 1.9.5 goes live, we will reset all the skills for all the crew members, both in the aircraft and in Barracks. They will receive Skill Points based on accumulated experience. You will find the unassigned Skill Points icon next to the crewmen’s portraits on the right hand side of the Hangar and on their respective Personal Files. Don’t forget to acquaint yourselves with the new skills, plan your crew progression and assign the Skill Points according to your gaming preferences.

The next post will detail several nuances of the new system, and then we will take a look at all the new skill mechanics. Stay tuned!