New Crew System: Nuances


The revamped crew skill system will include some changes to the crew experience earning and spending mechanics.

The aircraft proficiency stays the same in the new system. Just as before, the pilot and gunner you get when purchasing an aircraft will start from 50% proficiency. In order to reach 100% and, consequently, basic aircraft efficiency that can be found in the aircraft characteristics panel, the crew will need to earn 100 000 experience points in battles. As the pilot gradually masters proficiency, the machine’s maneuverability, engine power (speed and boost efficiency), guns, rockets and bombing accuracy gradually increase. The gunner’s proficiency affects the turret’s firepower.

As soon as proficiency reaches 100% the crew member receives their first Skill Point and access to earning more points. You will only need to unlock access to skills once — after that all the earned Skill Points will be retained no matter what you choose to do with the specific crew member (bar disbanding them, naturally).

When purchasing the aircraft you will be able to choose how proficient you want its crew to be. The basic free crew has 50% proficiency. The Training Wing costs 40 000 credits per crew member and raises starting proficiency to 75%, while Combat Wing for 400 gold per crew member will provide you with fully proficient crew who will receive their first Skill Point immediately.

We implemented new rules for relocating the crew to another aircraft. 

First of all we now have a “temporary proficiency” that refers to proficiency in an aircraft that the crew has not been trained to operate. If you your crew has over 75% proficiency for their main aircraft and you transfer them to another machine of the same class, their temporary proficiency will be locked at 75%. If the main proficiency is between 50% and 75% when you transfer the crew, there will be no penalty — the temporary proficiency will stay at the same level as the main one. If you transfer the crew to another class of aircraft, the temporary proficiency will always be 50%. Just as before, you can only transfer crew between aircraft from the same nation.

The new rules are as follows:

  • In order to accumulate experience and earn further skill points the main proficiency must be at 100% and active. The only exceptions are Premium aircraft, which have their own mechanics. We will get back to them later in this post.
  • If you transfer the crew into a normal researchable aircraft, you need to retrain them in order to continue their progress. Until the main proficiency reaches 100% again the crew will not be earning experience towards new skill points. If the crew has not been retrained, the experience will not be earned towards 100% main proficiency either. In other words, the crew sitting in an unfamiliar regular aircraft does not earn any experience at all. 
  • Same as with the new crew recruitment, you can either retrain the existing members for free (getting 50% main proficiency on the new aircraft), with Training Wing bonus for 40 000 credits per crewman and 75% main proficiency (does not depend on starting proficiency level anymore) or with Combat Wing bonus for 400 gold per crewman which guarantees 100% proficiency. Keep in mind that the crew receives their 1st free skill point only once upon reaching 100% for the first time.

Important! If the crew has already unlocked skill points, they will always retain them after retraining. There will no longer be any recalculation of penalties to experience over 100 000 points that resulted in missing skills. But the skills themselves will have a penalty to their effectiveness in case the main proficiency is not fully mastered. If it is at 50-74%, the Universal Skills will only provide 50% of their bonuses. If the main proficiency is over 75%, the penalty is only 25%. The Special Pilot Skills can only work for pilots who master their aircraft fully. If the relocated crew has unspent skill points, you can use them to purchase new skills but they will still work with the same penalties.

Premium aircraft are a completely different case. Now they will provide 100% temporary proficiency to any crew in them. Those crew members who have received their first skill point will be earning crew experience in battles towards new skill points with a 20% bonus. The skills that you have already purchased will have 100% efficiency. But if the skill points have not been unlocked before, experience gain will be blocked and you will need to master the main proficiency to 100% on any aircraft. Note that all the crew from Tier I starting aircraft from every nation, as well as crew from Premium machines always have 100% main proficiency.

Aside from the aforementioned situations there are two more cases when crew will not be earning any experience. If they have the main proficiency at 100% and all 15 skill points earned, they will simply have nothing left to master. If they have all 15 skill points unlocked but the main proficiency is not at 100% and active (relocated to another aircraft they haven’t been trained for), they will also be blocked from earning crew experience.

Reset Skills

You can reset the purchased skills and get all the earned skill points back by paying either credits or gold. Reset for credits will cost 40 000 credits for every spent skill point. If you use gold, you will only pay 100 gold per purchased skill, which makes it much more economically viable for veteran players to reset their skill builds.

Once you login after the Update 1.9.5 goes live, all the skills of all the crewmen both in aircraft and in Barracks will be reset, and they will be assigned skill points corresponding to the amount of crew experience accumulated by them. Those unique veteran players who have mastered all the skills in the old system will receive 13 skill points, 100% main proficiency and will only have to earn 100 000 crew experience to reach the 14th point. This will give you both the challenge to progress further and the edge over the players who were not as dedicated to World of Warplanes as you have been. And remember, everyone: don’t forget to go to the Personal File and pick the new skills before you go into battle!