Operation Westwall: Attrition


The second game mode our players will experience during the “Operation Westwall” event will be Attrition. It is mainly a PvP mode that is tailored for those of us who strive for adrenalin-fueled dogfights. The only way to win in this mode is to utterly destroy the enemy team.

Lore-wise, in Attrition mode, you will need too deplete the enemy’s Resources. Every enemy aircraft you destroy means a loss of 1 Resource. A team that depletes the enemy Resources first wins. Merciless dogfighting will be the fastest and surest way to victory.

PvE-oriented assault classes (attack aircraft and bombers) that don’t specialize in aerial combat will play a role too. They can capture territories and thus increase the “value” of every enemy aircraft and improve their team’s chances of victory. Once a team controls 2 territories, every enemy aircraft costs 2 Resources, 3 territories — 3 Resources, and so on. Controlling only 1 territory does not give any advantage.

As with the Invasion game mode, Attrition features Stronghold territories instead of Plants. They are heavily reinforced and well defended by multiple AA emplacements.

Both teams start the battle with an equal amount of Resources that depend on the number of territories on the map: 50 Resources for maps with 3 territories, 60 with 4 territories and 80 for higher tier maps with 5 territories.

The number of reserve aircraft (respawns) is only limited by the remaining Resources at a team’s disposal.

In order to avoid situations when players respawn one by one and get ambushed by several enemies, we changed the respawn mechanics slightly. In Attrition, all the team’s aircraft that were destroyed during a specific timeframe will reenter battle simultaneously once a respawn cycle ends. By default, the cycle length is 45 seconds. For each individual player, the respawn wait timer will depend on how much time has passed between the previous respawn cycle and the destruction of their aircraft — the closer to the next cycle, the faster you will be flying again.

Capturing airfields decreases the respawn cycle duration by 10 seconds. The minimum wait time is also 10 seconds — you can switch your aircraft for another warplane if your team controls an Airbase, or change a respawn point.

The resources necessary for respawning are assigned from the team’s reserve once the aircraft is destroyed, not at the moment of respawn. Therefore, there will be no direct competition for respawns in situations when several players and bots have been destroyed near the end of the battle.

In order to win, a team needs to deplete the enemy team’s Resources and completely destroy all their aircraft. In case neither team manages to do that within 12 minutes of battle, the team that has more remaining Resources will be declared the winner. Only if both teams in this situation have an equal amount of Resources will there be a draw.

Attrition is a great game mode for all our dogfighting masters, giving you ample opportunity to showcase all your piloting and shooting skills. Nerves of steel, a steady hand and supreme situational awareness are your instruments of victory. Be ready to take to the skies!