SNCAC NC 1070 — The French Debutant

After WWII, France was eager to quickly bridge the gap in armaments and began designing new aircraft for its Navy and Air Force. One of these designs was for a carrier-based bomber/torpedo bomber. The work was done by Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre.

Initial blueprints were drawn up in 1946 and the first prototype was ready the following year. On the 12th of April 1947 it conducted its first flight piloted by Fernand Lasne, the chief test pilot of SNCAC.

Early flights showed that the machine needed sturdier undercarriage because it couldn’t withstand the load on landing. Other modifications included a quite sophisticated wing articulation that allowed it to fold the left wing and then fold the right one atop. Electrically powered airbrakes were installed as well. All of these advances were tailored for carrier deck operations.

The NC-1070 featured good crew protection that included 14-20mm thick armor and an 8 cm thick armored glass canopy. The crew consisted of 3 persons and the fuel tanks could be loaded with 1450 liters of fuel.

The design was finalized on the 28th of April 1947. After all of the necessary modifications, the aircraft began full flight tests. Despite the fact that the machine was still in development, the military council ordered a new design for a jet-powered aircraft on the 23rd of July. Less than a year later, on the 9th of March 1948, the test machine suffered a crash landing. SNCAC decided not to restore it to flight-worthy condition and used it to create the jet-powered version instead. This machine received the NC-1071 model number.

SNCAC NC 1070 in the game is a very interesting machine. This attack aircraft is also quite proficient in air combat. Despite the fact that it lacks devastating forward-facing armament of some of its counterparts from the research trees, NC 1070’s powerful engine and excellent survivability make it a dangerous enemy.

For ground attacks it has eight 100-kilogram bombs and two 30-mm cannons with high rate of fire. At the same time good pitch ratio and high thrust-to-weight ratio allow it to quickly shift attention to unwary enemies in the sky. One of the main advantages of the Frenchman is its formidable rear turret. Armed with two 20-mm cannons and capable of shooting at wide angle range, it is turns the NC 1070 into a very tough target for any fighter. Coupled with high HP count it can even score you Ace awards. And let’s not forget about visual component: French warplanes are as unusual and impressive in their design as, say, high tier Japanese ones.