Tuning Your Warplane: Equipment. Part 2




In the first part of this post we told you about equipment that can improve speed- and maneuverability-related traits of your aircraft. Today we will take a look at defensive and offensive improvements for your warplanes.


Self-Sealing Fuel Tank

With this option your aircraft will sustain less damage per second when it catches fire. It also decreases the chance of fire by 50%. It is worth installing if your aircraft is especially prone to fires, or if you don’t plan to carry an Extinguisher consumable. Notable machines that catch fire easily include the Japanese and Soviet fighters and multirole fighters. Also, since the chance to be ignited increases over time as your aircraft is under sustained enemy fire, all attack aircraft have a high risk of catching fire.

In case you decide that the Extinguisher would be enough to deal with occasional fires you might choose not to install the Self-Sealing Fuel Tank. Just keep in mind that there is always a small chance of getting ignited again once your Extinguisher has already be used or is on cooldown.

Concealing Livery

This option decreases the damage dealt by enemy anti-aircraft guns and rear gunners by 30%. It can be a great help to attack aircraft who aim to become more durable when pushing through enemy ground positions, or to multirole fighter pilots who choose strike-fighter tactics or when hunting enemy ‘flying tanks’.

Improved Covering

This equipment will improve the aircraft’s passive defense: its HP count increases by 5%, while the chance to sustain critical damage to wings or tailplanes decreases by 20%. Keep in mind that it does not affect the chances of critical damage to engine or crew.

Additional Armor Plates

This option decreases the chance of critical damage to engines, turrets and crew by 20%.

Reinforced Airframe

Basically this is a better version of Improved Covering, available only for heavy fighters and attack aircraft. It increases the HP count by 10% and cuts the chance of all types of critical damage by 25%.

Critical damage in our game is a random event, there are no strict rules that define if or when your aircraft will sustain it. The Reinforced Airframe increases durability for any aircraft that can use it in every battle situation.

You can use the Reinforced Airframe, Improved Covering and Additional Armor Plates simultaneously and their bonuses will stack. With this setup your aircraft will become really hard to shoot down and you will be able to withstand a lot of punishment from the enemy.

Rear Gun Stabilization

This option increases rear gun damage by 15%. It can be utilized not only defensively, but also offensively for aerial combat with some attack aircraft. For example it makes medium and high tier Soviet attack aircraft (and the Chinese Il-10M) much more effective at shooting down fighters. The same goes for other machines that have relatively high maneuverability and high caliber turrets.


Improved Optical Sight, Improved Reflector Sight, Gyroscopic Sight/Gunsight, Improved Radio Sight etc.

Any aircraft can be equipped with an improved sight that decreases the firing spread for the forward-facing armament. The exact type of sight depends on aircraft tier and historical data.

It is worth noting that decreasing the spread angle of projectiles can actually make aiming harder for some types of aircraft. Most notable are machines equipped with machinegun batteries that are quite forgiving in terms of skill-dependency. Installing sights will make hitting the target a bit harder for them. Improved sights don’t do much for aircraft equipped with long range high caliber cannons. At the same time machinegunners, as well as aircraft with close-range high caliber cannons will get a nice boost to their shooting efficiency, especially at medium range — if you manage to keep the target in your sights.

Attack aircraft can gain a lot by using improved sights because it will increase their accuracy when they shoot from long range. They usually start shooting at maximum effective range, and usually the spread makes a large portion of a salvo ineffective (especially in case of 20/23-mm cannons and machineguns).

The sights work independently from the pilot’s Crack Shot skill. Their effects stack, so a fully mastered skill and a sight will make your aircraft most precise.

Ordnance Delivery Sight

Installing this equipment will enable you to drop bombs and launch rockets more accurately because it decreases their maximum spread angle. This will make high altitude bombing most effective, which is very helpful to heavy and multirole fighters who prefer not to lose altitude when trying to deal some damage and score points for destruction of ground targets. The Ordnance Delivery Sight also helps with shooting rockets at enemies when approaching them head on — you will have a higher chance of scoring a direct hit. This will turn nimble multirole fighter into a grave threat to formidable heavies — you will be able to deal significant damage well away from their guns’ range, but of course you will still need to take evasive action after launching your rockets.

Effects from Ordnance Delivery Sight and Bombardier skill also stack, increasing bomb drop and rocket shooting precision to the maximum.