Update 1.9 and Economy




We introduced numerous changes to the game in Update 1.9.0, and these have influenced the balance and game economy greatly.

The introduction of bots in the latest patch has significantly changed the balance of players’ income and spending. Even though, on average, the players now score more kills per battle, exactly as we planned (due to addition of bots into arenas with free slots), some machines still show reduced earnings. This is caused by the fact that the current economy system is mostly oriented towards players-only battles and isn’t ideally tuned to take bots into account. The most significant drawbacks are planned to be fixed in the upcoming Update 1.9.1.

The aircraft economy is tuned in such a way that every ‘average’ battle (average amount of damage dealt, planes and objects destroyed) coupled with minimum spending (repairs, rockets and bombs) will bring profit to the player. Simply put, if you use free ammo belts, don’t install consumables — you should be earning credits in most battles. Naturally, premium aircraft tend to bring in more credits per battle than regular ones.

At the same time, how players spend their credits is completely up to them. If you fully equip your warplane with consumables and ammo-piercing belts — your costs might exceed your average income quite noticeably.

In the weeks after patch 1.9.0 release we’ve accumulated a large amount of statistical data, analyzed it and have pinpointed the economy system’s weaknesses. We already have solutions that will help remedy most of the more drastic imbalances between profitability and service costs for many aircraft. In particular we will revise income formulas for the German and USSR attack aircraft branches. Overall over half of the available aircraft will experience a boost in income.

We will continue polishing the economy system — relevant statistics collection and analysis is a constant task. The upcoming patch will bring increased profitability to some aircraft and slight cost fixes. Ammo belt types that are available for gold will retain their discounted prices for the duration of Update 1.9.1.