The Valkyries Attack!



For a limited time after Update 1.9.9 is released, our players will be able to boost the ranks of their aviators with female pilots. Contrary to regular pilots, these aviatrixes are quite unique: each one specializes in piloting one aircraft and has special skills that perfectly match their machine, making them even more formidable.

You will be able to choose one of the three female pilots and recruit her without charge. To recruit the other two, you will need to prove your combat skills and earn the necessary amount of tokens via daily missions and by earning achievements in battles. Naturally, if a player has some tokens accumulated from previous Specials or via normal activities, they can also be used. Additionally, you will have a chance to buy more tokens during the “Flight of the Valkyries!” special, watch out for news about that on our Portal.

If the aircraft that the pilot specializes in is not present in your Hangar, you will be able to recruit the pilot and her aircraft in a bundle, without needing to research the machine at all. The additional cost in tokens equals the converted cost of the free experience needed to research the specific aircraft from the previous tier, plus its cost in credits. The purchased aircraft will be in stock configuration.

Be careful: you cannot recruit the same female pilot twice. If you dismiss her, there will be no option to rehire her for quite some time.

So what makes the female pilots worthwhile?

The skill set for each of them:

  • One universal skill has been replaced with another that has a similar function but is more powerful (and costs the same number of skill points);
  • One special pilot skill has been replaced with another that emphasizes the pilot’s aircraft traits (and costs the same number of skill points). The unique skill can be different in function to the regular one it replaces.
  • Both unique skills cannot be reset, they are always mastered and the respective number of skill points is permanently spent.
  • Aside from the two mastered unique skills, the USSR and USA pilots have 2 additional skill points, the German pilot has 3 skill points available.
  • The female pilots can be transferred and retrained for another aircraft of their nation. Naturally, it must be considered that their unique skills might not be beneficial for every aircraft.

Let’s meet the Valkyries. For players who follow our Developer Diaries, they will definitely seem familiar and that’s no coincidence.

Marina Litvyakova: U.S.S.R., St. Leytenant, pilot for the IL-2 (t) attack aircraft.

  • Supernova replaces Demolition Expert and costs the same 2 skill points. It is a variant of the original skill with an additional improvement: aside from increasing the damage and splash radius of rockets and bombs by 15%, it also deals additional explosive damage — equal to twice the maximum HP of the aircraft — if the machine is destroyed in a collision with terrain or a ground object. This selfless airwoman is ready to sacrifice her trusty warplane to ensure victory.
  • Femme Fatale replaces Evasive Target and costs 3 skill points. This skill is automatically triggered after a continuous salvo deals over 20% damage to a ground target, at which point it starts instantly igniting the unarmored parts of an object upon hitting them. Keep in mind that armored parts cannot be set ablaze, but the unarmored ones, once ignited, burn down completely. This skill makes destroying ground targets much more efficient: as soon as the skill icon lights up, just spray all the yellow parts to set them ablaze.

Mary Lovehart: U.S.A., First Lieutenant, pilot for the P-47B Thunderbolt multirole fighter.

  • Eagle’s Wings replaces Engine Guru I and costs 2 skill points. It is a variant of the original skill with some improvements and downsides. Engine Guru I provides an additional 3% of engine power and increases acceleration, while Eagle’s Wings provides only 2% of engine power, but makes the boost duration 10% longer, thus increasing the overall dynamics and climb parameters of the aircraft.
  • Valkyrie’s Wrath replaces Raptor Strike and costs 3 skill points. This skill makes rockets and bombs launched in a dive deal double damage to ground targets. It is triggered when the aircraft approaches maximum dive speed and the dive angle is over 45 degrees. Considering that the P-47B has outboard armament on par with many attack aircraft and heavy fighters, correct usage of this skill will boost your post-battle statistics quite a bit.

Charlotte von Staufen: Germany, Oberleutnant, pilot for the Bf 110 E heavy fighter.

  • Dazzling Star replaces Eagle Eyed and costs 1 skill point. This unique skill is similar to the original in its main function and has a slight drawback to balance the advantage it provides. The original skill increases the pilot’s spotting range by 20%, while Dazzling Star increases it by 40%, but, at the same time, makes the player’s aircraft detectable by enemies from 5% farther.
  • Celestial Fury replaces Adrenaline Rush and costs 3 skill points. While in a head-on attack, this pilot is cold-blooded and accurate, targeting the enemy’s weak spots. This skill provides a 20% greater chance of inflicting critical damage and setting fire to the enemy aircraft, and deals 20% more base damage. These two unique skills, coupled with the formidable armament of German heavy fighters, provide an opportunity to quickly detect a suitable target, provoke it for a head-on attack and get closely acquainted with them.

The sky is not the exclusive domain of men. Many women have secured their place in history through great feats, piloting various aircraft, fighting alongside men over the battlefronts of WWII, and testing the newest warplanes. It’s time for them to enter battle in World of Warplanes. You can already recruit these unique female pilots in your Hangar. The time of fierce Valkyries has come!